Friday, 15 October 2010

Making a masterpiece - Part 1 - Cinematics

With my final year project looming I am thinking about what makes a game high-quality and masterpieces. over the next few days I am gonna do several post on what I think personally sets the classics apart for the rest. The mechanics of games that imprint a game on to your memory for ever.

One of the major factors in games is story telling. Games are getting closer and closer to films in the way that they portray stories. looking at cut scenes in games the game that I feel get it wrong are the ones with static over the cameras to me this is boring. As the player can't see the emotion on characters faces and static camera doesn't make the scene feel dramatic at all.

For a game to have good cinematic's I think the camera should pan and cut here and there. this simple movement can make a scene more dramatic and intense.

Watch this Video its amazing :]

MGS Top 5 Fight Scenes | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

Fan Made Trailer For Halo Reach With Alot of Cutting And Panning

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