Saturday, 16 October 2010

Making a masterpiece - Part 2 - Audio

Carrying on from the cinematics post earlier the one of the most overlooked things is audio in games. producers will rather opt for music in games that is normally annoying and repetitive over a full featured score/soundtrack. there are loads of games out there such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Zelda that pull of wonderful audio from music playing to voice acting. often the worst games have dull music and bad voice acting. one such example is Star Ocean 4.

In Star Ocean 4 the voice acting was terrible it was like they got a bunch of kids in the audio booth and said here kids you get candy if you pretend your on a spaceship. though the Japanese voice acting and audio may have feared better I was not willing to give it a chance after listening to the English voice acting.

Metal Gear Solid has one of the more memorable soundtracks and audio experiences. People come away for the game humming the soundtrack. some go as far as having the theme tune as there Ringtone or a sound effect as message alert.

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