Monday, 10 January 2011

Mobile Sector

EA is planning to start publishing major franchises on to mobile platforms such as Android after the success of Need For Speed shift on the Android Apps store. This goes with a recent article I read about an EA director commenting that digital down loads would overtake retail in 2011.

Similarly Nvidia and LG unveiled the Optimus 2X superphone at the recent computer electronic exhibition, the phone totes powerful graphics and a fast processor, there was even a video of it playing games against a traditional desktop pc online.

Microsoft Creating new Jobs

Going against my post about the UK Industry in decline, Microsoft has moved to create 4000 jobs in the United Kingdom. This is part of a major incentive backed by the government. It is not currently know which part of Microsoft’s business will be targeted for the workforce influx but it is likely that the games industry will be one.

The Current State Of The UK Games Industry

Over the last few months the UK Games Industry has come under fire because the English government is declining to offer tax incentives for companies within UK. This has led to numerous articles on Games The companies involved say it is unfair as other countries such as Canada are drawing the talent pool toward their countries. Recently Ubisoft set up a eight hundred capacity mega studio in Canada. The covering occupants in terms of developers residing there is 50 and they hope to increase the capacity to the full quota of 800 over a period of three years.

Activision is presently considering whether to withdraw from Games development within the UK. So far they have taken step in this direction by closing one of their UK studios, Bizarre Creations. Tiga one of the organisation in the UK is petitioning for the UK government to reconsider the Video Game relief tax but have been unsuccessful in their efforts so far.

The spokesperson for EA said that the whole situation is currently overplayed and outplayed and people need to be more pragmatic about the situation.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Microsoft: Kinect Tops 8m in 60 Days, X360 over 50m Worldwide

Microsoft announced earlier today at CES that its flagship console, the Xbox 360, had shipped 50m units worldwide through the end of 2010 and that Kinect has shipped 8m units in the 60 days since launch.

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